B a r t    B i l

​I was born in Poland.

I lived in Chicago.
I moved to Florida.
I now live in Tampa Bay area.
I read books and like philosophy.

I don't believe everything I read, hear, or see on mainstream media.
I can play piano and used to be a vocalist for a hard rock band.
I obsess with traveling and learning new things.
I have a beautiful wife, two brilliant kids, and two neurotic cats.
I take lots of pictures and (used to) be a professional photographer.
I have two bachelor degrees (not that it matters).
I am analytical, yet very creative.
I spent almost 15 years working for the same company because of a flexible schedule.
I manage two businesses, i-Clean-4U and bartOMetrics.
I am a youth soccer coach.

I have a rather wide spectrum of experience, skills, personal values, and talent. 

I don't belong to any political party.
I am sarcastic and brutally honest while maintaining a good sense of humor.
I have a more detailed and conventional résumé if you're into that sort of thing.
I now have a much slower metabolism. 
I am now just a grouchy old man from almost any reasonable perspective.